An Internet Directorate – a path towards EPOS?

The technological possibilities of digitisation, networking, in particular the (mobile) Internet as well as mobile apps and terminals, require a new understanding of a public law approach to interactive and/or audiovisual media. In order to do justice to the digital potential for the generation and distribution of specific and general public content, we call for a separate Internet fund to be allocated from the broadcasting fee.

The five main tasks of the Internet Directorate (Internetintendanz) comprise (1) the establishment and operation of a public-law platform, (2) the allocation of funds for the creation of specific public-law online content, (3) curating and cooperation with third-party providers, also beyond the classical content productions, (4) promotion of innovation and (5) the establishment of a supervisory authority, in particular with regard to the protection of minors from harmful media.

Text in German: Christoph Bieber, Leonhard Dobusch und Jörg Müller-Lietzkow, Die Internetintendanz. Impuls für eine zeitgemäße öffentlich-rechtliche Medienplattform, Medienkorrespondenz 28.04.2019

Their’s is a rather top-down approach but in the hierarchical world of public service broadcasting it might work.

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