Beyond Platforms Initiative launched

Beyond Platforms is a new initiative for devising a European digital public sphere. It was started by Bertram Gugel, Markus Heidmeier and Florian Hager. On 1 and 2 August 2019 the first workshop of the Beyond Platforms Initiative took place at Alex Berlin. 40 inspired and inspiring people worked in teams on six thematic areas: Values, Infrastructure, Contents/Business, Experience, Dissemination and Storytelling.

From the invitation:

We work with metaphors from urban development and develop a land use plan that defines the values, a development plan that shows what has its place where and who acts where, and a shared infrastructure that is available to all media providers committed to the values.

Outcomes of the workshop are documented here and here are the final presentations of the thematic teams recorded by Alex TV:

The to-do list includes a roadmap towards presenting a concept one year from now, and an english language version of the website.

The initiative is also eager to expand its circle of activists. If you would like to join, write to or subscribe to the newsletter.

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