“The Broadcast System of Society 3.0”, Barbara Thomass in the ORF Public Value Report

The just released ORF Public Value Report 2019 makes prominent mention of EPOS. Under Remit #14 Innovation it gives excerpts from the Annual Public Value Study “Alliances, cooperations, platforms” that will be published in fall 2019. We document in English translation the contribution by Barbara Thomass, Professor for International Comparison of Media Systems at the Institute for Media Studies, University of Bochum, Germany. Continue reading “The Broadcast System of Society 3.0”, Barbara Thomass in the ORF Public Value Report

What is EPOS?

While Public Service Media (PSM) are under pressure from multiple angles, they remain one of the most important sites for public information, culture and integration. The proposed project builds on commonalities between PSM organizations, public knowledge institutions like Europeana and commons communities like Wikipedia and explores how democracy might be revitalized by them jointly setting up European Public Open Spaces (EPOS). The EPOS project explores how the establishment of a Europe-wide participatory platform, free from state and market interests – that draws on existing PSM activities – would further enhance and protect the public sphere.

EPOS is a project for conceptualizing a European public sphere constituted jointly by PSM, public knowledge institutions, knowledge commons communities and audience organisations. EPOS consists of three modules:

  1. research (on issues of participation, knowledge regimes, theories of deliberative and transnational, European public sphere and democracy and challenges in an algorithmically controlled online environment),
  2. working groups of stakeholders from the four constituencies and
  3. prototyping activities that showcase what EPOS could be.

Here is a short project description in German and in English:

EPOS is a research and development project by Barbara Thomaß, Leonhard Dobusch, Ellen Euler, Christine Horz, Christian Herzog, Phil Ramsey and Volker Grassmuck.